Mission Viejo Halfpipe Dreams

The OC Ramps Team heads out & hits the neighborhood of Mission Viejo to build an 11 year old’s dream mini ramp.

This rockstar kid has saved his cash over the last few years of lemon picking + selling, pet sitting all sorts of critters from cats, birds, dogs to siblings!! Very creative and innovative at such a young age with a very determined mind.

As most of you know, it starts with the parents contacting us to get the wheels in motion. Brandon, the shredder's father, reached out to us & our front office staff, Miss Heather was able to arrange a meeting for further information. Once Brandon arrived at the shop we jumped in to discuss exactly what his kid (and of course Dad too, ol’ skater at heart) dreamed & saved for! Miss Heather gave the famous nickel tour around the facility showcasing the quality materials, cut with precise CNC machines and ultimately how our kits are made. Of course focusing on our private skatepark with three, yes you read it correctly three halfpipes & six height variations.

12ft wide OC Ramps Halfpipe with Gatorskins

Quickly Brandon knew his son wanted the 3.5 ft tall by 12 ft wide with a corner extension using Gatorskins as the top skating surface and for sure wanted to utilize our convenient services of installation. As Brandon said, “I want it all delivered, installed & ready to shred within a few hours for when my boy comes home from school he can shred.” Well Brandon, your wish is the OC Ramps team command!! The little kid was so hyped he had drawn a calendar with how many sleeps were left until his ramp was there! Adorable!!!

Kids countdown to OC Ramps installation of halfpipe

Just like that, within a few short hours we arrived, we assembled & we were out! 

Mission Viejo Installation of OC Ramps 12ft wide Halfpipe with Gatorskins

Who's next on making their dream a reality?! Don’t wait a lifetime to have your dreams come true, it’s literally just a few bucks away from being in your very own residence!! Contact us & let’s see what’s possible.