The Wild Ride: Adventures of OC Ramps Building a Mini Ramp in Montana

OC Ramps Team of experienced builders are passionate about skateboarding, who are dedicated to helping others improve their skills by enjoying the sport we love and have the expertise to create world-class ramps one kit at a time.

The OC ramps team couldn't wait to hit the airport and head to Montana to build an indoor mini ramp for a family of skaters. Christian & Tom had heard all about the small town vibes, the stunning scenery, and the cold weather, and they knew that it was going to be an epic adventure. They loaded up their gear and hopped on a plane to Montana, eager to get started on the build. As soon as they arrived, they were welcomed by the friendly customer and immediately felt at home like family. 

oc ramps install team in montana for indoor garage mini ramp

As soon as the guys arrived at the customer's home, they began the plan for assembling the 16ft wide halfpipe kit inside the customers large garage. Perfect option for skating year round, no matter the weather climates! Within just a few hours the framework was completed. The customer insisted the guys take a break and explore the surrounding area. They bundled up & hopped on some ATVs and tore through the snowy terrain, laughing and giggling as they went down the small town streets freezing themselves. Next day the guys finished the gorgeous 16ft wide halfpipe kit with double extensions and topped the skating surface with Gatorskins panel sheets to not only give added strength with multiple layers, weather protection, even inside a Garage but also for the smooth buttery ride. OC Ramps is so grateful for the experience. The team had worked hard, made new friends, and had an absolute blast along the way. The team knew that they would never forget their time in Montana, and they were already planning their next adventure.

OC Ramps explores Montana on ATVs

Overall, building a mini ramp in Montana with OC Ramps is an excellent way to bring the thrills of skateboarding and outdoor recreation in the state. It is also a great opportunity to bring people together and create a sense of community around a shared passion. We know this family will be a source of pride and inspiration for years to come! Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to turn your vision into reality.