Photoshoot with Moods of Norway

14Recently OC Ramps was contacted by the clothing company, Moods of Norway. Moods of Norway is a Norwegian clothing brand that was started back in 2003. They have stores in Norway, Japan, Sweden, Holland, and Switzerland. Moods has become increasingly popular, and in 2014 they were the official designer for the Norwegian Olympic team uniforms in Sochi. Back in 2009 they opened a U.S. flagship store off Melrose in Hollywood. This was the store that contacted us to let us know they needed us to build a custom launch ramp for a photo shoot they were doing down in Huntington Beach. TomTom, one of the skaters on our team here at OC ramps, has close ties to the brand, and Moods hired him to be one of the models on this shoot. In the photo shoot, the launch ramp was going to be used by TomTom to help launch him over a pink limousine. The pink limo is Moods marketing vehicle, so they wanted it to be featured in this ad. Their whole crew came to the OC warehouse and TomTom and Tyler designed and built the launch ramp together. Tom tested it out in the back lot, and then they hauled it down to HB for their shoot. If you haven’t seen the picture, make sure you check out our instagram, oc_ramps, and look for the photo with the pink limo! 16edited 15edited 13edited 12edited