Ramp Plans

Are skate ramp plans worth using? I recently purchased some skateboard ramp plans on eBay for $3.00. It was the worst three dollars I've ever spent! The problem with these plans, is they are extremely vague. Most of the time, they are created by some 13 year old kid...so how accurate can they be, right?! Another issue we've seen with skateboard ramp plans for halfpipes, quarterpipes, grind boxes and other items is that the time and money involved isn't worth it. For example, our first pro-type quarterpipe took us 3 days to build. Why did it take so long? We wanted everything to be perfect on it! The slope had to be just right, the metal coping had to lay just right, etc. With our new and improved skateboard ramp kits for sale, you can build a half pipe or quarter-pipe in just a few hours! And yes, they come out perfect! Just last week, we delivered a couple of mini ramps to some clients in Los Angeles. These skaters were about 25-30 years old and mentioned, "if you have the money to build a ramp yourself, you can afford a professional skate ramp kit from OC RAMPS." True story. Those $3 ramp plans for sale on Ebay were a total waste. Don't bother with the hassle. If you don't believe us, try building a skate ramp for yourself and let us know how it goes!