Rolling into the Season: Summer Skateboard Updates

Discover the Eternal Summer: Unleash the Adrenaline of Sunlit Days and Skateboarding

We have completed numerous custom ramps and kits across the United States during the summer, alongside our highly satisfied customers. Take a moment to explore this impressive halfpipe installation we unexpectedly discovered in the serene forests of Washington.

OC Ramps halfpipe in the forest of Washington

Our customer Tucker envisioned a halfpipe in a secret forest. With our mini ramp kits, his dream can come true with a simple click.

From online to your curbside, you can shred anywhere - build in hours & skate for life!

A trip was made to Los Angeles, California's Toluca Lakes to assist a busy client's schedule by constructing our Garage Mini kit topped with premium skating surface of Skatelite.

OC Ramp Garage Mini in Toluca Lakes

Pools have a refreshing quality, but this backyard has become an excellent recreational space for enjoying with family and friends.

OC Ramps halfpipe in Los Angeles backyard

Our skate nights at the OCR headquarters are unparalleled to any skatepark session.

OC Ramps skate nights with Mike Berdis

During the day, our workshop produces a multitude of skate ramp kits. At night, it undergoes a transformation into a sprawling shredding paradise, complete with strategically located obstacles and ramps across the premises.

The team utilizes various products and miscellaneous materials to construct distinctive obstacles. Some prove successful while others are unconventional ideas. Additionally, it is always an enjoyable experience when the group gathers, interacts, produces content, and indulges in hot and fresh pizza.