San Diego Mini Ramp

 San Diego is a gorgeous place. Just like Orange County, you have easy access to the beach, mountains and of course, Mexico! We got the unique opportunity to build one of our bigger skate ramp kits for the manager of Lady Gaga. He wanted a 5' tall x 20' wide mini ramp. We discussed the best options and features for the ramp. In the end, he wanted a roll-in and 7' tall extension. We also used side-paneling to close up the back ends and sides of the ramps. Finally, the ramp used a third layer of Skatelite PRO. We prepared most of the ramp at our warehouse in Orange County- pre cutting and pre drilling all the pieces. We arrived in San Diego with everything ready to be assembled. The installation still took several days. After we built the halfpipe we decided to bring a few pro skaters from our team and have them skate the ramp. We're currently filming a video project and thought a helicopter would help us get some good footage. The helicopter landed in the backyard of this location and our videographer and photographer went up in the air. These are just a few photos from the day taken with our iPhones. The videos and professional photos will be released soon- so be patient! :) Contact OC RAMPS if you have any questions or desires to get a custom skate park in your backyard or city.