Sheckler Foundation + Hope For Carter

donatemini1A couple months back, we built a garage mini for North Point Digital to use as a display. After the trade show ended, North Point asked us to find a deserving recipient to donate the ramp to. Last month we contacted Ryan Sheckler and the Sheckler Foundation to ask if they had any current projects underway that we could donate the ramp to. We learned about the recent recipient of the 'Be The Change' Program, Carter. Carter is a 12 year old skater who suffers from a very rare and painful form of Eczema, as well as Asperger Syndrome; a form of autism. These conditions have caused Carter both physical and emotional pain, and have also led to him being teased and bullied at school. After we learned of Carter's story and the Sheckler Foundation's awesome project to help him out, we knew that he was exactly who we wanted to donate the ramp to. While Carter was at school one day, the OC Ramps crew headed over to his house to build the ramp in his backyard. Seeing his reaction when he got home from school and saw his garage mini for the first time was a great moment. Thank you to the Sheckler Foundation for letting us participate in helping out this rad skater. donatemini2