Skateboard Bowl Ramp

Bowl corners are one of the most difficult things in building a skateboard ramp. Its extremely tedious with the angle and beveled cuts, the sheeting of plywood, etc. Nonetheless, they are also one of the funnest obstacles to skate. We have yet to meet a skater that doesn't like riding a bowl or hip. b2ap3_thumbnail_skatebowl We had a customer looking to have a custom skate park built for their backyard. They recently purchased the home and wanted to get the park in there as soon as possible. Our crew quickly jumped on it and gave them input for the design with several different options of layouts and prices. As we narrowed down the results, we also had our 3D graphics department create renderings of the job for final approval. Once the customer gave us the green light we began ordering and preparing materials. The goal was to pre-cut and pre-drill as much as possible from our Orange County warehouse. From there, we would drive the pieces up to the property and finish with the installation. The idea was to have our 12' wide halfpipe bowled out on two corners. With one end open, we would build a tiny ramp leading onto the concrete with some other street obstacles; the bump to butter, bump to stairs, butter bench and the decenzo dragon rail. In the far north end we have an 8' wide quarterpipe and 8' wide custom bank ramp. The bank ramp also got a little cubby to store extra boards, pads, helmets and the like. We knew the installation was going to take at least a couple of days. We drove up with our flat bed trailers with a crew of 6 guys. Whats great about our build crew is that we include several pro-am and pro skaters. Thats right, with OC Ramps you can have a pro skater show up at your house and build a ramp then skate/demo it directly after. Jordan Hoffart was a huge help with welding the coping in place. We had to bring the coping up in several pieces- some of them were pre-bent in advance (just to make life easier knowing it fit ahead of time). Our other builders cranked away at building the halfpipe and the street course obstacles. Once the ramps were complete, we coated everything with Skatepaint. Skatepaint is a marine-like varnish made specifically for wooden skateboard ramps; there is nothing like it. Below you can see the photos of the build. In a few weeks we'll be going out to the property again to bring our team and get some additional photos and video footage. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Contact OC RAMPS today if you're looking for a skatepark or custom skate ramp set up. We build small to large; little courses to big street courses. Let us help you design and plan your next skate project!