Skatelite for Mini Ramp

We had a customer order one of our mini ramps about a year back. After shredding the ramp every day for hours, our customer told us they wanted to replace the plywood surface with Skatelite PRO. Skatelite is a man-made composite material of resins and plastics. It generally holds up many years outdoors- outlasting any natural plywood. Skatelite does cost a shiny penny, though-- typically over $200 for a 4'x8' sheet.
We also added an extension onto the ramp. Many people get confused as to what an 'extension' really is. It does NOT extend the width of the ramp...only the height. An extension kit will add 18" to the standard 3.5' tall halfpipes we carry.
This particular extension has real cement pool coping on top.
The specs of this ramp are 12' wide, 3.5' tall with a 5' tall extension, 25' long.