Skating in the Rain: OC Ramps Takes on Seattle, WA Halfpipe Installation

Braving the rainy vibes of Seattle, Washington, the OC Ramps squad jetted out to install a mini ramp, rekindling a customer's childhood passion for skateboarding. 

After thorough research and a glimpse of our YouTube channel showcasing top-notch kits and installation services, the customer opted for our 16 ft wide halfpipe kit, equipped with durable and weatherproof Skatelite panel sheets, our halfpipe promises endless sessions, rain or shine.

OC Ramps builds in Seattle WA rain

Skate Adventures and Local Vibes: Despite the rain, the team made pit stops at a local DIY skate park and paid a visit to our pals at Skatelite, indulging in some local beverages and BBQ while soaking up the Seattle scene.

oc ramps visits skatelite headquarters

Customer Happiness Reigns Supreme: The highlight of the trip? Witnessing the sheer joy of our customers as they embraced their brand-new halfpipe in their backyard, ensuring countless years of skating bliss. It's not just an installation; it's a lasting addition to their personal skate haven.

oc ramps installs 16ft wide halfpipe in seattle

Service Across the USA: If you're eyeing our top-tier kits and professional installation services, look no further – we cater to skate enthusiasts all over the USA. Get in touch, and let's turn your backyard dreams into a skater's paradise!

OC Ramps 16ft wide halfpipe kit with skatelite installed in Seattle