Spine Mini Ramp with Roller - Scottsdale, Arizona

A client reached out to us asking about a spine ramp and roller combo, if we’re able to build that type of obstacle. 

Our reply was absolutely! We sent several examples of previous spine ramps that we’ve built, one in particular was for Shaun White, that we assembled in Nevada a couple of years ago. This client was interested in a ramp 4 feet tall by 16 feet wide. She emailed us some photos of the driveway showing where the ramp would go. Our initial concern was to ensure that she had a perimeter of 16 feet wide by 50 feet long. After confirming those dimensions, we then began to look at options for the ramp as well as pricing. After exchanging a couple emails and phone calls this client asked us who the first was to market with the skateboard ramp kits. Initially we thought this was an odd question to ask. She mentioned that she received a couple of other quotes, but it was important to her to support the Trailblazers of the industry. We then explained that OC Ramps was founded in 2005 and we were the first to bring the skateboard ramp kits to the public.  The comedy began with a skateboard teenager in Huntington Beach that was building them locally. Tyler started this idea as he was attending college. We then asked her why this was important for her to know who was first, she replied that her husband created a company long ago and had many imitators and copy cats.  She wanted to support the first and best. She then explained that her husband was the founder and creator of CrossFit gyms. She then confirmed that she wanted to use our services and support our business. We then began pre-fabricating the ramp and preparing all the materials we could to make sure the install goes smoothly on site. The ramp that we alternately ran with was a 4 foot tall spine ran by 16 feet wide 50 feet long with a 5 foot tall corner extension and a 4 foot wide roller in the middle, top sheeted with Skatelite

Spine Mini ramp with roller by oc ramps

With Scottsdale Arizona being about a 5 hour drive from Southern California we decided that we would personally bring out the ramp and our tools on our 20 foot flatbed trailer. We carefully checked all the straps and made sure that everything was securely tightened onto the flatbed trailer with a top speed of 50 to 55 miles an hour. We also knew that this five hour trip would take us more like 7 to 8 hours. 

oc ramps travels for installations

Three hours into the drive. We are in the middle of the desert and we saw smoke on our tires, not a good sign as we pulled over. We realized not only did we have a flat tire but we had a full on blowout. This is not good and not something that you want to have in the middle of the desert when it’s an hour away to either direction of civilization. It was a scary moment as cars were flying by going 80 miles an hour plus and there wasn’t a safe place to pull over. 

traveling with oc ramps tire blowout

Fortunately, someone called the CHP and they arrived flashing their lights signaling for people to go around us. Our crew is so darn efficient and great with tools. We were able to work like NASCAR and swap out this tire in less than eight minutes and yes, we did have to lift our trailer that had about 7,000-9000 pounds of lumber on it! 

oc ramps team repairs trailor tire

We were back on the road and arrived at Scottsdale just minutes before sunset. Once we ditch the trailer, we then check into our Airbnb around the corner and put up our feet to collect energy for the next day. We also made a custom delivery for a very special buddy, Zach aka “That one cop who skates” and also runs Kickflips & Donuts. Rad for us to meet in his town & grab a bite to eat all while delivering his order of Jordan Hoffarts Butter Bench.

oc ramps meets up with kickflip and donuts cop

 That following morning we arrived on the job site at 8 AM, and began assembling the framing and the rest of the structure for the spine ramp.

custom mini ramp by oc ramps

By lunchtime, we had the skeleton or the frame of the ramp completed but we still needed to level things out and connect all of the quarter pipes and spine pieces together.

oc ramps team installers

We were able to complete that task by 5 PM just in time for us to clock out and go get some rest. 

installation of custom halfpipe by oc ramps

That rest didn’t last very long since it was Tom Tom‘s birthday and he wanted to go out and celebrate. And that we did just that! We took Tom to a couple restaurants and bars to explore incredible things of old town Scottsdale.

celebrating Toms Birthday with OC Ramps Team

The next morning, we got up early and began sheeting the ramp with Skatelite, our goal was to finish by lunchtime. Although we had a few delays with taking our trailer to a local mechanic and purchasing some missing supplies at a local hardware store. The ramp was 100% done by 5:30pm that second day, just in time for one of the kids' birthdays! 

Spine Mini ramp with roller by oc ramps

We were able to celebrate the customers' kids birthday by putting on a Skate demo, teaching others how to skate and overall having a great time. 

OC Ramps Installation Team in scottsdale arizona

We had an absolute great time building this ramp, but we had an even better time seeing the excitement that these children had about skateboarding.

oc ramps spine & roller halfpipe

Before we left to drive home we already began discussing some initial ideas about phase 2 on their new at home skate park.

overview of mini ramp by oc ramps

The next time you have a design idea or thought about a custom ramp, big or small, a single ramp or skate park, don’t hesitate to reach out to OC Ramps.  You dream it and we’ll build it!