Spine & Roller Mini Ramp: Turning Dreams into Skate Reality in Ladera Ranch

Embarking on a skateboarding dream, a childhood friend of OC Ramps' owner envisioned a custom ramp gracing their newly renovated home in Ladera Ranch, California.

Picture this: a 12ft wide, 2ft tall halfpipe with a rad roller diving into a 2.5ft tall Spine – a whopping 40ft of pure skating joy!

We kicked things off in our workshop, crafting precision radius transition pieces with our trusty CNC machine.

OC Ramps fabricating a custom spine halfpipe

Clark wanted a 2ft tall roller, so we built that bad boy by hand, slapping on some Gatorskins premium sheets for that buttery smooth ride and much needed weather protection.

OC Ramps custom mini ramp with roll in feature

Then came the nitty-gritty – framework in quarter pipes & flat sections – all set for an easy-breezy on-site setup.

Halfpipe frame structure by OC ramps

Loaded up and hyped up, our crew was fueled with excitement to bring this halfpipe dream to life. And boy, did we deliver!

oc ramps ready to install halfpipe

Installation by oc ramps on spine halfpipe

Within hours, the 40ft skating wonderland was alive and kicking.

spine & roller ramp installed by oc ramps

Clark wasted no time being the first to drop in on his new mini ramp and he loved every minute of it! Of course the whole crew gave it a spin. Two thumbs up? More like a unanimous skater's salute!

roller & spine mini ramp in ladera ranch by oc ramps

custom spine mini ramp in Ladera Ranch install by oc ramps

Ready to turn your skating dreams into reality? Slide into our DMs, and let's make it happen! Dreams into Reality, baby!

Custom Halfpipe by OC Ramps Installation Team