Tech Deck Dew Tour Skate Park Replica

Over the years we’ve done a handful of projects with our good friends over at Tech Deck. They are the leaders in anything finger boarding, from fingerboards to BMX & all in between for fingerboard fanatics!

Tech Deck x OC Ramps

Recently, our Tech Deck friends approached us asking if we could build a miniature version of a Dew Tour skate park out in Des Moines, Iowa.  

They sent us some photos of the Lauridsen Skatepark with different angles so that we could have a better idea of what we were up against. After reviewing with our team we were confident that we could help recreate this mini replica skatepark for fingerboards.  Tech Deck was going to have this at their booth activation during the weekend of Dew Tour and allowing kids to participate in using this course for fun. 

Dew Tour x Lauridsen Skate Park

We decided to make a video of the whole process, watch below as we start the design of the course. From cutting the layout on the CNC machines.

OC Ramps fingerboard skate park for Dew Tour replica

Tons of sanding and modifications as we progressed.

Tech Deck Skate Park x OC RAMPS

Welding the tiniest skate rails & installing them in place to match the original skate park perfectly wasn’t an easy task.

OC Ramps fingerboard skate park replica with Tech Deck

Painting the course with all its fine details and adding Mountain Dew stickers. 

Tech Deck Fingerboard skate park x oc ramps

This was a really fun project. We had an absolute blast and certainly hope to do more replicas and miniature versions of skate parks across the globe. 

OC Ramps x Tech Deck Dew tour Skate Park replica

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