The Edge of Luxury

Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Early 2019 and a handful of correspondences with well connected staff of Neiman Marcus & Paper Magazine presented an amazing opportunity to work with an upcoming launch party in March for the newest line. For those who are not familiar with Neiman Marcus, they are a super high end apparel company that has been around since early 1900's. The Paper Magazine is highly known for "breaking the internet" with Kim K's infamous champagne photo shoot!
The event was launching the newest skate wear line as the campaign has evolved into "work-meets-play" in collab with Paper Magazine showcasing a new light  of their luxury labels thru fresh & fierce point of views.

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Several discussions of branding choices from painting the ramp with branded colors, engraved logo with CNC machine precision & doing vinyl wraps/vinyl decals. The team was able to execute a decision of a custom ramp fitting to their needs. A glorious 7ft tall half pipe, 20ft wide and 31 ft in length with branded colors and decals.

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From painting the skate surface in Black, to wrapping the back & sides with a metallic silver decal the ramp was already looking fire for the event.

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As time moved along, everything went smoothly minus the city of Beverly Hills being informed about the event & requiring permits for this size of ramp to be on property. We quickly resolved the issue by meeting with a engineer firm that assisted with the blue prints with the necessary dimensions & specifications then submitted to the city for approval.

neiman marcus, paper magazine, skateboarding, active, rental, youth, beverly hills, 90210

The morning of the event, the city inspector met our crew at the ramp for a final inspection. It was a funny experience because the inspector is use to working with building permits and not skateboard ramps! He was highly impressed with the quality & craftsmanship which lead to a very quick signature of approval! With final touches to the ramp with branded font, white vinyl decals of Neiman Marcus x Paper Magazine.

nieman marcus, paper, rental, oc ramps, skateboarding, launch party, 90210, mini ramp, custom

Just hours before the event our professional skate team arrived from flights around the US & just in time to join the fun.


The team included Jordan Hoffart, Brad McClain, Cody McEntire, and Alec Beck as they demonstrated some rad tricks & hyped up the audience with a unique twist for the launch. Our videographer Landon captured some dope clips from the event, check it out below.

After the event was over the skaters flew home & our crew dived into the removal of the ramp in the late night. Overall Neiman Marcus & Paper Magazine was very pleased & impressed with our services.

We certainly hope to be back in LA again soon, maybe your next event?!!