Thrashing the limits of urban style, Stevie Williams conquers his custom skatepark at the DGK Warehouse

OC Ramps squad heads to DTLA for a takeover on Stevie Williams warehouse, Dirty Ghetto Kids.

Stevie Williams, a skateboarding icon, is on a mission to push the boundaries of urban style. With a fierce determination and an unwavering passion for his craft, Williams takes his skills to new heights in the custom skateboard playground at the DGK Warehouse.

The DGK Warehouse is a haven for skateboarders seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Designed specifically to challenge even the most skilled athletes, this custom playground presents a plethora of obstacles and ramps that Stevie Williams fearlessly tackles.

DGK Stevie Williams

The OC Ramps team arrives at the shop to quickly chop it up with Stevie on the location for installation of the mini ramp. The crew unloads the materials & gets started on assembly.

With an excellent team of builders and the proper refreshments (thanks AquaHydrate + Jarritos) the guys were able to efficiently knock it out the installation within a few hours.

The guys shared a moment of pride, knowing that their craftsmanship would soon bring joy to skateboarders of all skill levels, Stevie himself was MORE than hyped!!

OC Ramps x Stevie Williams from DGK

A gorgeous 12 ft wide halfpipe with an extension tombstone all topped with the premium panel surface of Skatelite. Of course we added his branded logo & company colors for DGK on his newest edition to the shop.

OC Ramp for Stevie Williams at DGK warehouse

A few months previously we dropped off a handful of obstacles like our Jordan Hoffart Butter Bench, Manny Pad and the infamous Quarter Pipe to name a few!!

The installation of the ramps are not just about constructing an obstacle; it’s about fostering a sense of camaraderie and nurturing a sport that brings together people from all walks of life. And with every flip, every grind, and every kickflip, the team's dedication and hard work would continue to be appreciated and celebrated for years to come.

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