'Tis the Season for Half-pipe Installs

The holidays have ended and the new year has begun. So we wanted to flashback to all of our featured halfpipes this holiday season.
"Obey the Half-pipe"
Created for one of our good friends over at Obey Clothing. He wanted a half-pipe for him and the family to enjoy in their own home. So we built him a 16ft wide half-pipe with TWO 1.5' tall extensions in his backyard.
"Pretty in Pink Point Dume"
Point Dume, Skateboarding, Halfpipe, Pretty in Pink, Oc ramps
This customer located in Point Dume near Malibu, CA, wanted to surprise his daughter with the ultimate halfpipe. We installed a 16ft wide half-pipe also with two extensions in their basketball court. And to spice it up, we gave them a custom paint job with light pink side panels and grey skate surface. You bet this skater/surfer chick was just as stoked as we were to build it!
"San Juan Capo Indoor Mini Ramp"
half pipe, San Juan Capistrano, skateboard, ramp, installation, Garage Mini, Basketball Court, OC Ramps
They thought they had it all at this San Juan Capistrano indoor baseball park and gym until they realized they needed a Garage Mini installed in their complex. Not to mention we hooked them up with a custom paint with black side panels, white skate surface and red coping! Now they can shred after a good workout, rain or shine.
"Irvine's finest 5' tall half-pipe"
halfpipe, skateboarding, irvine, install, 5 feet tall, ocramps
Even with smaller backyards, we can't stop from making dreams come true. With this install, we utilized every inch we could to make this 5' tall x 12' wide half-pipe with a single extension work. We even included a custom handrail for the kids to use while standing on the deck. And can't forget the black out sides for some contrast.
"Goodnight Moon Double Half-pipes"
malibu, point dume, skateboarding, goodnight moon, blue, yellow, ramp, ocramps
Yet ANOTHER Point Dume, Malibu half-pipe. But this one had us seeing doubles! Our customer didn't want just one half-pipe in their beautiful back, they wanted TWO! So we set up one 8' wide half-pipe outside their garage which also had custom lettering above it saying "Goodnight Moon" (yes, just like the book.) Then we built a 5' tall x 12' wide with one extension in the lower part of their backyard. And to top it all off, we painted both ramps to match the theme of their backyard.
malibu, point dume, skateboarding, halfpipe, ramp, install, blue, yellow, ocramps
"Christmas in Calabasas"
foo fighters, calabasas, halfpipe, skateboarding, ramps, ocramps,
This particular customer happened to be one of the band members of the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins. And this isn't the only ramp we've built for the Foo Fighters band members, this was round two! Taylor, wanted to stoke his son for Christmas with an 8' wide half-pipe in their beautiful home in Calabasas, Ca. So we rounded up our little warehouse elves to make this surprise come to life!
"Rod Stewart's Righteous Ramp"
west hollywood, los angeles, skateboarding, halfpipe, ocramps
Okay maybe this half-pipe wasn't exactly for Rod Stewart but it was built in Rod Stewart's custom home he built and lived in for over 20 years. However, the customer who wanted us to install this ramp in his home is still in the TV industry writing for soap operas. To make this 16' wide half-pipe with two extensions match the aesthetic of this luxurious home, we painted the side panels an off white.
"OC Ramps does YouTube"
jake paul, skateboarding, halfpipe, calabasas, ramp, oc ramps, youtube
And to close it out, we had to mention our install for the famous YouTube vlogger Jake Paul. Featured in his video, a couple of his friends reached out to us to build a 16' wide half-pipe in the front yard of Jake's Calabasas home to cheer him up from not being allowed to have a pop-up shop. Even famous vloggers have dreams that we can build!
jake paul, skateboarding, ramp, halfpipe, youtube, ocramps, calabasas
This season was a busy one and we're still pumping out half-pipes like Santa's little elves all year round! If you wish for us to install your dream ramp, please feel free to contact us for information or a quote. We're just an email or a phone call away! And always remember:
You dream it, we build it!