Toyota Corolla FX 2025 - “Drop in and Ride with Style”

When the producer for the new Toyota Corolla FX 2025 reached out about renting a halfpipe for their upcoming vehicle release, we knew it was going to be a unique project. A quick Zoom meeting helped us assess their needs and work within their budget and space constraints.

The plan? Build a halfpipe on a helicopter pad in the valley outside LA.

The producer handpicked a few of our skateboarders from our team page to match the look they were going for. The halfpipe and obstacles needed to be painted in a specific Pantone color to match the Corolla FX’s orange-stitched interior. We did our best to match this with exterior flat paint.
Toyota Corolla 2025 with OC Ramps Halfpipe
Delivery was another adventure. The private ranch was on a mountaintop with steep, windy dirt roads. Towing a big trailer carrying thousands of pounds was nerve-wracking, but the crew made it safely to the top, greeted by stunning views of SoCal.
TomTom with Toyota Corolla on OC Ramps halfpipe
  • 5ft Tall x 16ft Wide Halfpipe: The centerpiece of the installation, perfect for a variety of tricks and showcasing the new vehicle in action-packed style.
OC Ramps Halfpipe Installation for Toyota Corolla
  • 8ft Long Grind Box: Ideal for smooth grinds and technical tricks, adding variety and flair to the skaters' routines.
Pop up skate park by OC Ramps for Toyota Corolla
  • Triangle Apple Rail: A unique feature that provided a distinctive look and added an extra challenge for the skaters.
Toyota Corolla found OC Ramps Skate Park
  • 8ft Wide Quarter Pipe: Completing the setup, this ramp allowed for seamless transitions and high-flying tricks, enhancing the overall skate experience.
Mini Ramp with Toyota Corolla 2025
Each piece was meticulously hand-painted prior to our arrival to ensure a perfect match with the brand's theme. The customers were thrilled with the result, praising OC Ramps for our proficiency and fun professional vibes.
Pop Up Skate Sesh by OC Ramps with Toyota Corolla

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