Travis Barker's OC Mini Ramp

We have been working with Famous Stars and Straps for a couple of years now. Travis Barker, the creator of Famous as well as the drummer for Blink-182, heard about our custom ramps and expressed interest in a custom build for his backyard. With Felix Arguelles, we have been in contact with Travis for about a year in regards to the ramp, but because of his busy schedule it was difficult to nail down a time to build. A couple weeks back, Tyler Large (the Owner) and one of our skaters Christian Sereika were in Miami expanding a ramp that our crew recently built. Saturday night, the twelfth of July, we were contacted and told that Travis wanted a ramp built ASAP. We flew out from Miami the next morning and were scheduled to arrive back in Orange County late Wednesday night. We rescheduled our Wednesday flight so we left early in the morning from Miami, landed in Los Angeles by mid-day, cruised to Travis's house and finished by 7p.m. that evening. Although it was a tiring few days, we were stoked for the opportunity! 1 2 3