Woodside 20' Halfpipe

San Francisco, CA
Over the summer we built a 5 foot tall half pipe for the CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman. Directly after that, Nick's friend and neighbor, wanted his own custom ramp for him and his daughters to skate on. With him being neighbors with Nick, we automatically became acclimated with his neighborhood and knew exactly how to ship his ramp in kit form in advance. This particular customer didn't want something basic, he wanted to go out of the box and get a 20' wide halfpipe, 12' in width, at 3.5' feet tall. And added an 8', in width, at 5' tall extension. For weathering purposes and a smoother ride, he decided to have us install it with Skatelite Pro. We prepared the ramp in our warehouse, cut, drilled and counter cut then sent it up to his humble abode in San Francisco, CA. Then we booked our flights with four of our top notch crew members, to go up and install the custom ramp. Once we flew up there we got straight to work and will never forget how miserable that weekend was for weather. It was one of the HOTTEST weekends in SF, so the building conditions were pretty uncomfortable. We finished building the ramp right before sunset but we still needed to put the finishing touches to the top deck platforms. After this build, we were completely exhausted and dehydrated. But the ramp was so beautiful we HAD to test it out. While Dave Bachinsky, Tom Ryen and Christian Sereika, were testing out the ramp, the clients came out with their kids and friends, and were super excited to see the ramp in action. More and more people kept coming from the house to watch because they were hosting a business dinner party and it soon turned into a private demo. By this point, it got pitch black and we resorted to using our iPhones to light it up. His daughters were so eager to use the ramp and once they did, we couldn't peel them away from it. Now it was about 9:30 pm with little to no lights, so we called it a night. As we were getting ready to head out, our clients insisted we stay and invited us to join their dinner party. So we couldn't turn down another generous opportunity. They had a really neat music room/studio where we all gathered around and decided to play some music. With all the fun we were having, time flew by and it was already midnight so we REALLY had to call it night. Overall, it was yet another successful build and happy client.
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