Yahoo! Stunt Nation

Over the summer we built a mini ramp halfpipe several times for a TV/Web series produced by Yahoo!  The title of the series is Stunt Nation .
They were renting a house directly on the beach of Venice.  Sal Masekela is the host and interviews action sport professionals.  These include skateboarders like Mikey Taylor, Bucky Lasek and surfers like Garret McNamara.  They also had pro BMX riders in for interviews and discuss some pretty cool BMX ramps.  Each episode is packed with action clips in under 5 minutes.
Our job was to build the 8' wide halfpipe in front of the house.  If you notice, every episode shows the mini ramp and our logos all over the inside of the house.  See if you can count all the OC Ramps stickers in the videos!
The ramp took a couple of hours to build.  You can see the initial installation process in the photo above. 
Above you see the police monitoring the beach house.  Since the property is literally on the boardwalk, there would often times be hundreds to a couple thousand people watching the production crew.  Police would have to patrol the area and 'keep the peace.'
Working with Yahoo! and Stunt Nation was a great experience.  Not all 12+ episodes were filmed on the same weekend in this same setting.  We ended up being hired to assemble the ramp, disassemble, then re-assemble several times over.  We thank the people at Stunt Nation!!!