15th Annual Hot Dawgs & Hand Rails Event

Big Bear, CA
Another sunny scorching day in gorgeous California & we're stoked to be apart of the 15th Annual Hot Dawgs & Hand Rails event in Big Bear, CA on September 22nd, 2018.
skateboarding is fun, snowboarding, big bear, california, oc ramps, rails
Hot Dawgs & Hand Rails is known to kick off the upcoming snow season by hosting snow starved riders competing on unique courses filled with tons of rails for cash prizes. The event roars with live dope music from Awolnation. some punk vibes from Theline & of course DJ Slipmatt keeping it going all day long!!
snowboarding, skateboarding, rails, oc ramps, big bear
Our crew loaded up the truck & headed out at 5am towards Big Bear & hyped for the snow events on a blazin' hot day! As the crew arrived for install, the Bear Mountain staff was just blowing some fresh snow for the days extravaganza!
big bear, oc ramps, snowboarding, skateboarding, snow, skateboarding is fun
Fresh blown snow & ready to be shredded by riders.
snow, big bear, oc ramps, snowboarding, rails
Our location at the HDHR event was amazing as we were in the VIP section right next to the band!!
skateboarding, oc ramps, vans, big bear, snowboarding, skateboarding is fun
The crew set up our 3.5 ft tall by 12 ft wide half pipe with the added 5ft tall extension feature.
halfpipe, wood, oc ramps, skateboarding, shred, big bear, HDHR
​The skate team including Mike Berdis & Austen Coburn came to shred & show some tricks​ for the crowd on the half pipe.
big bear, oc ramps, skateboard, skateboarding is fun, rails, snowboarding
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