A Lost Cause x OC Ramps - Handrail Best Trick Competition

Back to the dreadful days during Covid lockdowns we hosted a private, invite only event with our good friend, Guy with A Lost Cause. 

The previous contest held a 5k cash prize and gathered a small group of professional skaters all competing for that cash money!! Ironically most of our skate team riders also ride for ALC (stop stealing our riders, GUY!! j/k). Needless to say, the contest was a huge success & we wanted to do something different. 

OC Ramps custom stair set renderings

We had a few ideas in mind for this year's obstacle so naturally we conversed with several skaters - got the vote on what was most desired to shred! A unique stair set with a rail.

A Lost Cause x OC Ramps Skate Competition

Our team went into action & immediately created some renderings to ensure the obstacle was proportionate to fit within our warehouse and enough runway to catch some speed. Once the dimensions were handled our fabrication team got started and finished the vision within just a few days. 

OC Ramps custom stair set with rail x A Lost Cause Trick Comp

Had a few of our team riders come through to check it out the day before competition, ya know to give it a quality control test! Work on any needed adjustments, light sanding etc. On the day of the event we had about 15 pro skaters join the contest. Event had high energy & positive vibes. Everyone cheered as the talented skateboarders stunted their skills. Second place went to Micky Papa who landed a switch laser back lip trick. First place went to Jonathan Hendersen aka Jon Jon as he slayed a trey front lip trick. Everyone did awesome & we appreciate everyone that came out!!

A Lost Cause x OC Ramps Best Trick Winners micky papa jon jon