Annual Party Ramptober 2023: Where the Shredding Never Ends

Our 13th Ramptober bash was a legendary affair, transcending the boundaries of age and demographics.

Every year, we open up the doors for an epic non-profit event that's the talk of the town.

OC Ramps annual Ramptober Party

It's the party everyone eagerly anticipates, drawing people from near and far, both local legends and out-of-state enthusiasts.

OC Ramps Skate Team Mike Berdis at Ramptober

Ramptober Cash for tricks contest

🎉 Fiesta Vibes Galore: This year, we embraced the spirited theme of Mariachi Fiesta, complete with sombreros, mustaches, cerveza, maracas, and a smorgasbord of mouthwatering tacos from Chronic Tacos. Thirst was quenched with the finest beverages from AquaHydrate and RedBull.

Ramptober bartender Rosie Miller

🪓 Axe Throwing Extravaganza: A massive shout-out to Whoop Axe Throwing for setting up a mobile booth in our parking lot, which quickly became a huge hit among the crowd. There was something for everyone, including face painting and some pinata fun for the young groms.

OC Ramps Ramptober pinata for kids

🏆 Contests and Chaos: We hosted two thrilling contests – the mini ramp showdown and a custom stair set with a rail, where cash-for-tricks ruled the night.

Handrail stairset contest at OC Ramps Ramptober

Ramptober cash for tricks contest

With an adrenaline-pumped atmosphere and the region's most talented shredders in one place, it was an epic night to remember.

Ramptober Halfpipe contest

Ramptober cash for tricks contest

🤟 Don't Miss Out: We're already looking forward to next year's party, and you won't want to miss it. The stoke is real, and it's a celebration that's not to be skipped!

Ramptober with Christian & Mel at OC Ramps