Article posted by OC Music Magazine---Bustin' Air with OC RAMPS!

OC Ramps is the nation’s biggest ramp manufacturer and these rad folks come straight out of our backyard, here in Orange County. They offer consumers ramps made out of high quality woods with easy-to-assemble kits that fit perfectly into a box, shipped and delivered free within the 48 continental United States. Not only are these ramps stronger and more durable than any others out there, but check this out: they are the riding choice for many pro skaters!

In middle school and throughout high school, Tyler Large was part of a small group of skaters, and this was a time when shredding the rails wasn’t as big as it is today. The CEO and founder of OC Ramps recalls what life was like before his company ever came onto the scene: “The best memories I have were the times we built ramps in our friend’s backyard or garage. Those ramps were so ghetto back then! I would have been stoked to find a ramp like the ones our company produces. Maybe that’s why skaters love us!”

So how do you become the nation’s biggest ramp manufacturer? Let’s rewind the tape back to 1997. Large began building ramps on a driveway in Huntington Beach. That right there got the attention of many kids eager to shred their boards on these sweet homemade inclines. After years of gaining interest, Large built a corporation, got himself a warehouse and well, pretty much went international. Being the number one choice for many skaters out there wasn’t the plan Large had in mind,; it just ended up falling into place.

“It was never the idea to be the nation’s biggest ramp manufacture- it was a passion for what we do that brought us here.”

The folks at OC Ramps have it so handled they are like architects for these adrenaline masterpieces. “Our ramps are electronically blue-printed on specialized computer router systems. This technology allows us to mass produce and package these ramps in preparation for shipment and installation by customer,” added Tyler.

Ryan Sheckler

Employees of OC Ramps are the ones who create the design because as skaters themselves, they tend to know how to craft a successful ramp that will not only hold up, but also be built correctly.

Once these ideas are fired up, employees trial several options and skate them all to make sure they end up with the best one. Not only do they put emphasis on the design process and effectiveness of the ramps, but they also care deeply about the materials. The plywood is imported from Chile and other parts of South America, and the metal sections are hot dipped galvanized to ensure they will never rust.


So what do you do once you receive one of these awesome ramps at home? Never to fear, OC Ramps has it mapped out for you; as Tyler says, “It’s an IKEA furniture kit, but for a skate ramp!” The easy-to-assemble kit arrives with everything, and I mean everything you need to assemble it yourself. The lumber and metal parts are already cut, the boards are pre-drilled, screws are counted, and a manual with photo instructions is included. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

“We’ve seen little skaters as young as 5 years old. The kids love to install the ramps with their parents. They feel like they created the ramp themselves- it gives them a sense of accomplishment. Several customers have emailed us photos of them building our ramps- although the ramps require two people to install, they include the whole family as a fun project to work on together.”

Cartoon Network, Gap, and Anchor Blue have all used OC Ramps products for commercials, and even Ryan Scheckler skates their mini ramp halfpipes. But even with all this stardom, OC Ramps keeps it close to home: “We try to keep our costs low by not paying the big time skaters. Rather, we’d like to see local groms tear it up and bust air on our ramps.”

So what can we expect from them in the near future?

“We’re constantly evolving into something bigger. Even in this economy, we are growing each day. We have several designers working on a new line of ramps. We only hope to bring the best ramps to the market and keep things alive for the skateboarders of America!”

To those of you in SoCal, be on the lookout for one of OC Ramps’ several warehouse parties at their shop in Santa Ana. Not only do they feature skaters busting it up on the ramps, but also live music and BBQ trucks. And long-distance folks, not to worry! OC Ramps has a ton of cool stuff on their website for you to take advantage of and they even have giveaways on their Facebook page so you don’t miss out when you’re miles away.

“Skateboarding is a great sport for the youth. Not all kids want to be on a team for soccer or baseball. Skating is an individual sport- you carry your own weight and talent. It’s a great way for the youth to express themselves. It’s also comforting to see that society is slowly losing the mentality that all skaters are thugs or troublemakers. We’re happy to be part of this industry and offer something the community loves.” – Tyler Large

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