August 2020 COVID Update

OC Ramps HQ
Whew!!! We've survived the days of lock down & the massive influx of sales within the last 5 months!
Crazy days are everyone's new normal right?!
Having such a high demand, literally thousands of ramp kits left our warehouse within such a short amount of time. Our amazing staff has not only doubled in size, we've also been working around the clock with two shifts - day & night. Plus operating 6 days a week to keep our heads above water and keep pumping out these desirable DIY skate ramp kits!
We are still continuing to fulfill & ship worldwide daily as we're operating at max capacity.
With having the quarantine around, what better time to have an at home project and still continue your passion of rollin' those wheels! Below are some stoked clients that made amazing use of their quarantine time.
We've got a little shredder on our 4ft wide Quarter Pipe from North Carolina.quarter pipe, skateboarding, oc ramps, wood skate ramp, DIY kit,
Battling the heat of summer in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada our customer rose above & completed the install on this 8ft wide Halfpipe like a champion in triple degree heat!
8ft wide mini ramp, wood skate ramp, oc ramps, skate paint,
Trying to stay cool & out of the elements is the best way to go, says our youngster rider from Missouri on our Garage Mini ramp kit.
Garage Mini, halfpipe, skateboarding, oc ramps,
From the gorgeous islands of Hawaii we have two hyped groms practicing on with their new 3ft Quarter Pipe.
Yes we do ship worldwide (sadly shipping is additional to Hawaii, email us for a quote).
quarter pipe, skate ramp, hawaii, oc ramps,
Many clients have their own homemade ramp, which we can still appreciate the hard work & intense labor it is to build your own without a warehouse of CNC machines & tools etc. These clients below were still able to utilize our Skate Paint products on their ramp & saved it's life for another season to come.
Skate paint, DIY ramp, weatherprood your skate ramp, oc ramps,
We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, happy & occupied during the quarantine. With high call volume please feel free to reach out to us via email ( and we'd be happy to get you dialed in as soon as possible with any concerns or questions!