The Best Mini Ramp in Orange County!

The OC Ramps crew recently received an interesting phone call from a skater in Huntington Beach. He started the conversation with “I want your crew to build me the best mini ramp in Orange County.” He was clearly interested in a custom made ramp to fit in the space he had in his front and side yard. We set up an appointment to go out to his home and measure the space and discuss options for design and materials needed. He was interested in getting a wide mini ramp that turned into a spine. A couple of hurdles that we had to overcome were that it had to fit PERFECTLY for his space (the customer wanted wall to wall ramp... no empty space, not a few inches short.. exactly wall to wall). Also, the ground wasn't 100% level and the walls surrounding his front and side yard weren't 100% square. Another big issue was in the front of his house, the roof overhang is low and sticks out pretty far… we had to be careful in designing the ramp to have a deep enough top deck platform so you wouldn't hit your head on the overhanging roof. Another thing considered was that everything needed to be proportionate including the height vs radius/transition vs top decks vs flat sections. We had several meetings at his house to go over the design and dimensions until we were able to create the perfect ramp.

Once we got the green light from our client, we began production at the warehouse. It took us several weeks to cut, drill, and prepare everything for his project. The installation took two full days, day one we had to lay down the pavers and level everything out. Day two was sheeting all the plywood and making any needed finishing touches. We went back about a week later to coat the ramp with custom skate paint, he chose a concrete gray surface color, and a blue color for the rest of the ramp that would match his house. Over all the client is extremely thrilled! We have gotten a ton of feedback for this particular ramp. It skates amazingly well and the aesthetics of the ramp are top notch, what more could you ask for! Contact us for any custom ramp job, whether its street or transition… we do it all! We are stoked we were able to give our client one of the best ramps in orange county!