Blessings - Sublime with Rome

OC Ramps HQ, California

Best way to season up a typical Tuesday is by kickin' off a listening party for Sublime with Rome's new album release "Blessings" at our warehouse!!!

Our good friend Dave aka The Magic Crasher has literally been working his magic on elevating this event to the next level by hosting the party at our location which has the perfect atmosphere for Sublime with Rome.

Many brands & sponsors came to hype up the big release. Quenching our thirst with the latest flavors & giving us those wings is Red Bull Skate as they arrived with their show stopping armored moon vehicle.

Aqua Hydrate always coming thru with purified water packed with electrolytes; pictured Jordan Hoffart & friends.

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Another great brand that set up a booth was Nanocraft CBD as they came to support SWR, educate the crowd & hand out samples of the amazing products!

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KROQ had announced on air about the event & came with their booth to promote plus give away some free merch!

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Did someone say TACOS?!!!

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Yes, we did!!! Evil Cooks showed up with their table top stove & quickly killed the crowds appetite with the petite street tacos!

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Hundreds of people came to listen to the new album and personally meet & greet the band! A few members of the OC Ramps professional skate team also made an appearance, below is Dave Bachinsky gettin' it started!

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Christian Sereika catching some air while listening to the new track.

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Another great hit to the party was the photo booth set up, take a picture with any SWR background and boom it's printed within seconds!!

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Tricks for Cash is always a crowd favorite; specially when you have Rome judging and handing you hard cash for your rad skills!

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The lil grom's were so stoked to show off their talents and of course to make some candy money!!

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Here's a few more dope pictures to enjoy from the party; Michelle with Moxi Roller Skates rollin' thru the chaos like it's no big deal!

moxi roller skates, rollerskating, skateboarding, sublime with rome, sublime, swr, oc ramps, half pipe, mini ramp, wood ramp, skatelite, skatelite pro, speed bump

This little shredder was the eye catcher of the party as she was rippin' thru our half pipe course like a champion!

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