Cambria Skate Day Rental

Cambria, California

The city of Cambria is a beautiful place located just north of Santa Barbara California. They’re known for their incredible beach weather, mellow surf and of course the skate scene.

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A friend of ours Dave Duncan reached out to us in need of renting some skateboard ramps for an event that would be held in the city of Cambria. The skate event was a fundraiser for the city trying to raise money in preparation of building their own concrete skate park. Dave was looking to rent some obstacles that he could bring to set up and have some of the local kids and invited pro skateboarders participate. 

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In preparation for the event we had several phone meetings with the city to discuss the size of the parking lot we had to work with and the budget. Because this was a fundraiser they didn’t want to spend all their money on renting the skateboard ramp obstacles. We were able to come up with an appropriate project along with a discount to accommodate their financial needs all while bringing something spectacular for the community to skate.

cambria skate day with oc ramps rental

The day before the event Dave came to our warehouse with a U-Haul truck and we loaded up the van with rails, benches, ledges, Kickers, launch ramp and a Manny pad from our warehouse in Southern California. Dave drove up the products on a 5 hour drive back to Cambria. The next day they set up the ramps with a handful of professional skateboarders from the Powell skate team. 

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There were a ton of people from the city and surrounding areas that came to participate in the skate course and raise money for their long awaited skateboard park. Kids' smiles were beaming as they watched top Pro Riders in their small town + stoked on swag!

cambria skate day oc ramps rental

The event also had some vendors selling local items plus displaying some classic cars!

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After the event was over they loaded up our products into the U-Haul and safely drove them back to Orange County. Our contact later advised us -  “It was a huge success! Your ramps made the event possible!! We raised $18K that day alone thanks to support from all. More fundraising is underway!”

Check out the Youtube video of the event!

The beautiful thing about our skateboard ramp products is that they are light enough to transport and take around to events. They’re also not too light that they’ll slide around or they won’t raise the impact from professional skateboarders. Our ramps are built to last, our ramps are built to shred!

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