Come on Barbie, Let's Have a Skate Party!

Toni, the cool cat behind Surf City Skates, asked if we'd be down to collab and skate with a Barbie theme.  Hell yeah!!! 

Get ready for a wild ride! The Barbie movie drops in mid July, and we're bringing you a creative and fun experience that blends roller skating, skateboarding, and Barbie. Join the Surf City Barbie babes as OC Ramps hosts a skate session: Let's Get the Party on Wheels!

Barbie Party at OC Ramps with Surf City Skates

Surf City Skates is a great brand and retailer that sells the best roller-skates on Main street of Huntington Beach.  They also have a squad of roller skaters that are the best local rippers. 

Surf City Skates takeover at OC Ramps HQ for Barbie Party

We set up a date for them to stop by and bring their skate team.  We made sure our outdoor section of the mini ramp skate park was clear, and that our Filmer, Salsa, was ready to go!

Barbie Roller Skating Party at OC Ramps

As everyone showed up, we gathered for a brief powwow on our grand plans and let the fun unfold naturally. Our rad friend/rider Jake swung by and nailed the picture-perfect shot just in the nick of time before the sun called it a day.

We had a blast with the Surf City Skate Squad at the shop & can't wait for our next sesh!!

OC Ramps HQ with Surf City Skates

Check out these bonus pics we snagged -

Barbie skate party hype at OC Ramps


OC Ramps Barbie Skate Party with Surf City Skates