Fuel TV Next Gen - Ep2 - Behind the Scenes at OC Ramps HQ

In an exciting collaboration with Fuel TV and the legendary Greg Lutzka, OC Ramps proudly participated in the creation of a thrilling new TV show called "NEXT GEN."

This groundbreaking series brings amateur skateboarders into the spotlight, allowing them to showcase their skills and compete for the coveted title of the next generation of pro skaters.

Episode 2 of "NEXT GEN" unfolded in the dynamic setting of a mini ramp game of SKATE, and OC Ramps opened the doors of its private skatepark to host this exhilarating contest.

Fuel TV Next Gen at OC Ramps HQ

With Greg Lutzka taking on the role of the host and narrator, the episode gained an extra dose of excitement with the addition of special guest co-host Dave Bachinsky, who not only co-hosted but also actively participated in the thrilling action.

Greg Lutzka & Dave Bachinsky at OC Ramps filming Fuel TV Next Gen

From slash grinds to in-depth interviews and mind-blowing backside tail tricks, the participants brought their A-game.

OC Ramps Skate Team Steven interviewed with Fuel TV Next Gen

AquaHydrate and Sessions Westcoast Deli played a crucial role in keeping the crew energized and refreshed, providing an assortment of delicious sandwiches and cookies.

As contestant Warren put it, "I didn’t care if I won, I just had fun," capturing the essence of the event where the joy of skateboarding took center stage.

The camaraderie and skill displayed by these young skateboarders hint at a bright future for the sport.

BTS with Greg Lutzka at OC Ramps filming Fuel TV Next Gen

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes to witness the continued journey of these rising skate stars as they chase their dreams and make their mark on the skateboarding scene!