Fuel TV Next Gen - Ep3 - Behind the Scenes at OC Ramps HQ

At OCR Headquarters, history was made once again as we hosted a thrilling new episode of "Next Gen" by Fuel TV. 

This series aims to inspire young skateboarders to pursue their dreams of going pro in the action sports industry.

In the latest episode, contestants battled it out in a custom stair set/handrail competition, set against the backdrop of the world's largest ramp manufacturing company, OC Ramps!

OC Ramps hosts Fuel TV Next Gen series

As contestants warmed up on the mini ramp skate park, the production crew prepared the warehouse for filming. AquaHydrate Purified Water and Sessions WestCoast Deli sandwiches kept everyone fueled for the action. Pro skater Mike Berdis made a guest appearance to co-host with Greg Lutzka, adding an extra dose of excitement to the competition.

After an impressive display of talent, Jonathan Henderson emerged as the winner, earning a spot in the upcoming SKATE battle against Greg Lutzka himself.

The intensity of the competition was palpable as these young skaters showcased their skills, leaving spectators in awe. 

Greg Lutzka hosts Fuel TV Next Gen at OC Ramps

Despite the fierce competition, the camaraderie among the contestants was evident, highlighting the tight-knit community of skateboarders.

Next Gen by Fuel TV at OC Ramps with custom stair set handrail

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of "Next Gen" as we continue to discover and celebrate the next generation of professional skateboarders!