Garden Grove Open Streets 2017

[embedyt][/embedyt]     A few people within the city council of Garden Grove suggested bringing skateboarding into their third annual open streets event. They discussed it and had to figure out the red tape issues… with a city event there is always concerns with liability, insurance, etc. After talking to us and understanding that we have been in business for 12 years and have the proper safety and insurance protocols, then they were excited to go forward and work with us to be a part of this rad event. The Open Streets event is when the city closes down a couple of blocks around city hall and local Garden Grove companies and venues will set up booths to promote their businesses and their influence in the community. A lot of people within the community bring their bikes, skateboards, and scooters out and get to roam the streets freely. We had several phone conferences with the city council in terms of which skateboard ramps to bring. For example, did they want a mini ramp? Or a more elaborate street course? And which pro skaters were we going to bring out to the event? Once we nailed down that information, the crew at OC Ramps provided a customized quote that matched their needs and budget. The day of the event, we loaded up everything in our two trailers and showed up to the site a few hours in advance. We began setting up the obstacles and our PA system so we could provide music for our corner of the block. We brought a handful of rails, quarter pipes, boxes, and we built a custom bump to hubba ledge. The hubba was 24 feet long in total. The event was a success and the people of Garden Grove loved it! If you have any ramp rental or customization needs, contact OC Ramps today!