Go Skate Day 2023 with OC Ramps: Shred and Celebrate

On the longest day of the year, Go Skateboarding Day 2023 welcomed skaters to revel in the extra daylight for their beloved pastime.

The OC Ramps team headed down to the Tustin SkatePark, bringing along a bag of obstacles and a stack of cash to amp up the festivities with a thrilling 'Cash For Tricks' challenge. As soon as the obstacles found their place within the park, the young enthusiasts were eager to test their skills, resulting in a mix of epic wins and humorous fails. 

Always a fan favorite, the Greg Lutzka Brick Box and the 24k Gold Rail proved to be crowd-pleasers yet again, catering not only to skateboarders but also to scooter riders and BMX enthusiasts, showcasing the remarkable versatility of our products. 

The squad decided to showcase some professional-level tricks, and to our astonishment, the young guns closely mirrored their moves, almost like perfectly synchronized choreography.

The kids' infectious enthusiasm matched our own, making it a day filled with stoke and unforgettable memories!