Grand Opening Warehouse Party

Orange County, California

A hot summer day with live bands, cold brew, & fresh grilled burgers was the kick off to our Grand Opening party for our NEW warehouse on July 14th, 2018.
oc ramps, front office, warehouse, skateboarding, half pipe
With the entrance lines over flowing past our building and into the street, everyone was eager & ready to shred our new skate park as we opened it to the public for the first time! We had a variety of kids and adults testing out the park from amateur and professional skateboarders to female roller skaters!
jordan hoffart, pro skater, skateboard, oc ramps, halpipe
Our warehouse skate park was not only designed for our personal fun & skate team to shred, nonetheless to really showcase many of our option sizes of ramps and add on options; including freshly installed Skatelite PRO & extensions to make corners even higher!
skateboarding, halpipe, half pipe, pro skater, OC Ramps
grind, skateboarding, halfpipe, oc ramps
A spacious warehouse is a true under statement as ours is huge!!!! We have plenty of room to grow & keep building those dream ramps of yours. Take a peek into our world!
oc ramps, front office, wood, halfpipe
As you walk into candy land, I mean OC Ramps you can see the dream starting to evolve as you enter the doors. The smell of fresh birch plywood just lights our fire to go above & beyond to make anything possible.
warehouse, oc ramps, skateboarding, half pipe, halfpipe, garage mini, ramp, wood
Speaking of dreams, our long time friend & owner of Grinderz burgers was gracious to help kick off this joyous occasion with setting up a booth for their mouth watering delish burgers. Made fresh to order, everyone was drooling in line awaiting gooey heaven!!!
grinderz, burgers, fresh, skateboard, halfpipe, ramp
‚ÄãThe guest list included many infamous skateboarders from all over the USA, specially a few of our professional skate team riders such as Ryan Decenzo, Jordan Hoffart, & TJ Rogers‚Äã made it out to support us. Along with some liquid sponsorship from Red Bull & Black Plague Brewery made the opening even more hyped up.
ryan decenzo, jordan hoffart, black plague brew, skateboard, halfpipe, oc ramps
Pictured below is team members Mike Berdis, Ryan Decenzo & our amazing videographer Landon.
mike berdis, ryan decenzo, landon, oc ramps, skateboarding
Perfect location for heavy metal & reggae vibes all night, center stage on the top deck of our ramp!!!
halfpipe stage, half pipe, ramp, live band, oc ramps
Our friends, Railgun performed a dope heavy metal set. You know it included all that head bangin stuff we love!
railgun, live performance, heavy metal, skateboarding, oc ramps
blonde, twins, oc ramps, heavy metal, oc ramps, skateboarding
We truly appreciate everyone for making it out to our Grand Opening & supporting OC Ramps! Here's more happy faces from all of us, to you!!
oc ramps crew, family, skateboarding, girls, oc ramps
girls, oc ramps, skateboarding, halfpipe, ramps
oc ramps, skateboarding, halfpipe
skateboarding, oc ramps, warehouse, grand opening
If you have a vision for your own ramp/park, contact us & let's make it happen!