Hot Bike Magazine Release Party

Trabuco Canyon, CA
On May 12th, our OC Ramps Crew celebrated the issue release of Hot Bike Magazine featuring Greg Lutzka doing a sick trick; an ollie over his own custom painted Harley Davidson bike!!
Hot Bike magazine targeted customer tends to be for avid Harley Davidson motorcyclists and enthusiasts.
Rated the #1 custom motorcycle magazine in the world, it showcases ALL styles of motorcycles that are hand-built and custom-fabricated but also the people who ride them.
The event was hosted by our new bestie, Dumptruck, at Cook's Corner in Trabuco Canyon, California.
Cook's Corner is a local watering hole, built in the late 1880s which has been notorious for it's population with motorcyclists.  This historic biker bar has all the elements of the country, such as good eats, good drinks, and activities like dancing, horseshoes or pool. Definitely, one of our favorite local pit stops. 
Our OC crew built a portable 8 foot wide metal halfpipe ( available for rental ), where two of our OC family riders, Austin Coburn & Andrew Miller, put on an amazing demo for all to enjoy!!
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The event was a lot of fun with rad live bands, booths set up with fellow vendors and tons of frosty beer flowing. But don't forget our halfpipe! Soo...needless to say, the day was filled with tons of smiles, "throttle twistin'" & shredding the half pipe.
Greg Lutzka, Oc ramps, Harley Davidson, Pro Skateboarder, Aqua Hydrate
Like we've mentioned before, if you ever feel like you need some more excitement in your life and a half pipe or custom ramp will fill this void, just remember:

You dream it, We build it.

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