Hotdawgz & Handrails 2017

Big Bear Lake, CA

Fall/Winter can't begin without the annual event Hotdawgz & Handrails up in Big Bear Mountain. This event has some of the best snowboarders come out and compete in an epic rail jam, custom made from the park staff and also ties in vendors, DJ sets, live performances, and overall fun. Sponsored by RedBull, Hotdawgz & Handrails has been putting on this event for 14 years and we were lucky to join them for our 3rd year as a vendor. Each year our ramp setup gets better and better.
The marketing manager at Bear wanted to do something a little more unique this year. He wanted a little more attention on our mini ramp so this got us thinking, what if we put a 12' halfpipe right up against their main snowboard jumps and have our team riders skate while snowboarders get crazy on their ramps?! And that's exactly what we did. HDHR started at 9am, Saturday 9/23, so they began blowing snow all over the course and to prevent our ramp from getting drenched in snow we used a large plastic tarp, which is always a great idea to do it you live in an area with rain or snow. Once the first snowboarding began, the skaters started to get a little nervous to ride the halfpipe because they didn't want to get nailed in the head by a snowboard, especially Greg Lutzka since he's one of our tallest riders. But the nerves began to ease when they saw the air these guys were getting on the obstacle. Then lunch time came around and we had the chance to watch Andrew W.K. perform an awesome set. The ramp just so happened to be set up right by the stage so we had perfect seats for the show. After lunch, they had the finals for snowboarding and the stakes were high. Towards the end, some of the riders missed the landing and ended up landing inside of our custom 12' halfpipe. But there was one particular rider who saw this ad took advantage by landing inside the halfpipe on purpose.
And to add the cherry on top, Snoop Dogg graced us with his presence and performed a DJ set for the last few minutes of the finals. By the evening, Method Man and Red Man performed an absolutely unbelievable set. Overall, HDHR was a great event. And now we have access to a portable halfpipe that could be set up in minutes with minimal tools. Call us for your next event!

You dream it, we build it.