Jordan Hoffart

Santa Ana, CA

Jordan Hoffart, one of our Pro riders & co-founder of Black Plague Brewing Co., had the privilege to do a trick over a Mini Cooper awhile back for a commercial. And with him being sponsored by Wavy Clothing, which is also owned by the same owner of CNC Motors Inc., we got to talking about how cool it would be if we set up a custom launch ramp to skate over an exotic car like a Bugatti. So we decided to kickflip it up a notch and see if we could borrow a beautiful Bugatti but when the time came, CNC Motors, Inc. was out of stock, so we were blessed to get the chance to do it over an Aston Martin instead. The day of the shoot, this crisp black & red Aston Martin casually pulls up in front of our warehouse. After that, Jordan pulls up with a forklift carrying out our custom 2' launch ramp we painted & assembled for the shoot. As eager a