Makers Conference 2020

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Our good friend Sky Brown, a 12 year old professional female skater and soon to be an Olympic athlete was called to participate in a women's conference event in downtown LA called The Makers.

The Makers conference presented their sixth annual event that hosts hundreds of powerful names in any avenue of business to help develop women's equality. Having the theme "NOT DONE" which encompasses the 100 year history of accomplishments and what's next in the women's movement.

The conference was surrounded with plenty of influential leaders such as Katie Couric, Olivia Wilde, Judy Blume and Chelsea Handler to name a few! Pictured below is Amelia Brodka, Lesli Cohen & Sky Brown.

During the event there was a serious time crunch we had to adhere to during segments of guest speakers. Working with coordinators and production staff to iron out the logistics on the space we had to work with. Executing how to bring the ramps into the building and onto the stage. Plenty of doors leading to the stage were of course the small standard size doors which wouldn't fit. All in, it created some barriers and handfuls of 0bstacles on how we could get everything delivered and set up efficiently.

As the teams got creative we quickly put the ideas into action. Bringing the pre-assembled ramps to the loading dock and through the freight elevator was cake, then a few elevator rides and thousands of steps around the building to finally delivering onto the stage through the audience entrance was the key to success! Other smaller pieces were brought through backstage. A team of 8 installers to whip up this portable & quickly installed half pipe while recess was in session for the audience.

Taking a look back and into the consultation process of renting from us as we ironed out the size & details of the ramp with the production company. Ideally we would of went taller & bigger, make an impact! However production wanted a narrow smaller ramp. Another guest & guest speaker Tony Hawk chimed in and said we needed at least an 8ft wide half pipe.

Having space limitations with an enormous 6k LED screen that was a foot away from the ramp location, screamed liability. Could you imagine a skateboard flying into that costly screen?! Being conscious of space and liability was another key factor. Ultimately we utilized two 8ft wide Quarter Pipes.

Makers wanted a custom ramp with their branded logo and colors of black & white. Once we received the email with their vector logo, we electronically blue printed the design into our CNC computers in which we later cut out with our CNC router.

After everything was cut & prefabricated we then painted all parts to Makers request. We needed to assemble at our warehouse to ensure all pieces fit like a glove.