Middle School Tour

OC Ramps Headquarters

We were approached by a local school seeking a hands on educational tour. It's not everyday we get asked how our education from when we were younger still applies to the daily grind years later.  So of course we jumped on the opportunity to teach the youth.

The lucky students were from the City of Irvine Middle School Program.  Their program is geared to involve the youth in positive social-recreational activities, educational experiences and character development programs. The kids are inspired to engage in local community services and social recreations while building personal development skills.

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As the group of students arrived to our warehouse we happily greeted them with our delicious AQUAhydrate water and a comfy seat in the boss man's office.

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The owner of OC Ramps himself, Tyler was hyped to tell the kids his story of how he started the company. Even brought out some vintage old school pictures of when Ty was in high school building ramps with his family and friends for local skaters.

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It's always about the fun, however we wanted to express to the kids how useful many of their classes actually are. When it comes down to many things it's your education that really helps you evolve and push further. Seeking knowledge from any avenue. So behind the fun ramps, includes more technical skills with geometry & design. Even with basic emails, bids and purchase orders we use our Grammar, Math and English to help us on the daily.

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We could tell the kids were eager to get into the warehouse and see how operations run smoothly & efficiently. Starting off in the CNC room where all the magic begins. Our CNC operator & fam team skater Donnie discussed how the files are created and then the machines complete the labor. The kids were amazed to see the large machines in progress.

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After the plywood sheets are pre cut & pre drilled we start packaging the individual kits in our open warehouse with a conveyor belt system. Warehouse foreman & skater Bryce aka Blasa spoke to the kids on packaging. Lined the kids up and showed them how the process is formulated for efficiency.

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The kids having a hands on experience is key as it helps retain information & grows team building interaction. First step of packaging is making the box, pictured is a couple girls working together on assembling one.

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Each student was able to make a cardboard packaging box and add all the components needed for the popular product, the Grind Box. From plywood, hardware and of course our OC Ramps logo.

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As the kits were completed by the kids we discussed what tools came into play for this stage of production. (Disclaimer- all products were inspected by our crew to ensure complete kit before completing packaging)

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Towards the end of the educational tour we happened to have our videographer Lando filming with team rider Dave Bachinsky on our private skatepark. The kids were hyped to see a live demo and definitely did not want to leave!