Mini Ripperz Contest at OC Ramps HQ

Orange County, California

On a bright & oh so very sunny morning in May OC Ramps private skate park had a takeover like it’s never been seen before by hosting a Mini Ripperz Contest - Backyard Blast!! With several division categories to showcase each age's talents & stunts on a variety of ramp heights!


The event started registration nice and early around 8am to get all participants into their safety gear and practicing before the contest began.

Mini Ripperz contest at oc ramps

As the skaters were getting warmed up we had a few vendors setting up their stands that included skateboard gear, delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs with the freshest watermelon agua fresca!!  And of course our line of Fingerboard Ramps - which was a huge hit, especially for the little siblings that weren’t able to compete yet!

OC Ramps fingerboard ramps

As the competition started we saw many talented little ripperz focused and determined!

contest at oc ramps hq

The tricks these kids already know at such a young age amazed everyone!

mini ripperz contest at private skate park oc ramps

From the youngest competitor to the oldest contest, the sportsmanship was top notch and truly nudged everyone's heart with happiness!!

skateboarding compassion at oc ramps

As the morning of fun progressed we got into the older ages and onto the 5ft tall Halfpipe category. Man, these kids were not scared to tackle the 5ft tall nor even blinked an eye towards the 7ft tall corner - they ripped it

5ft tall halfpipe at oc ramps mini ripperz contest

After everyone demonstrated their skills for the competition we soon got into Raffle Time with tons of fun grip tapes, complete skateboards, safety gear and food gift cards from our friends at Grinderz!!

oc ramps x mini ripperz raffle

Winning some rad gear always gets everyone hyped for the main finale, TROPHY TIME!!

mini ripperz trophy and medals

Here’s just a few of the winners that we captured!

boy winners at mini ripperz contest oc ramps

girl winners mini ripperz contest at oc ramps

The contest was a huge success as everyone was super hyped to compete with their peers for all of their families and friends to watch and cheer them on. Plus having the chance to skate at our private skatepark was another winning moment many people told us! We want to give a very special thank you to everyone who participated, we truly appreciate each of you and your talents!

mini ripperz group pic at oc ramps hq

If you are looking for a venue to host your event, contact us & let’s chat!!