The Nation State: Diplomacy, Diversity and Global Engagement through Skateboarding

Los Angeles, CA
Late October, we had the pleasure of building our metal 8' halfpipe (available for rental) at Univeristy of Southern California, in front of the Wallis Annenburg Hall where they held the "Nation Skate: Diplomacy, Diversity and Global Engagement through Skateboarding."
This event had a panel of professional skaters, creators and visionaries in the skateboard industry. One of our most exciting guests just so happened to be the one and only, Rodney freakin' Mullen!
After the panel met for the first session, our OC family skaters, along with Sky & Ocean Brown, put on a little demo for the campus and people of the panel. Once the demo was finished, we all went inside to listen to this incredibly inspiring panel of individuals. Individuals who have created brands that have developed new technology that would change they we skate, inspired women to pick up a board for being the first female X Game gold medalist or to creating tricks such as an ollie or kickflip that would pioneer skateboarding into what it is today. We were sitting, waiting impatiently, to hear our hero, Rodney Mullen speak about what really drove him to do what he has done. I mean, come on, he's one of the greatest skaters alive! They displayed a variety of footage taken of Rodney's greatest moments and even sampled a piece of his newest installment "Liminal" (see attached below).
Overall, our dreams had come true, yet again. We built our easy-to-assemble rental ramp, finally got to skate on the USC campus WITHOUT getting caught by security and met our ultimate skate hero. If you want us to fulfill your dreams, contact us.
Because our motto is:
You Dream it, We Build it.
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