OC Credit Union Event

   A third party advertising company contacted the crew here at OC Ramps because OC Credit Union was looking to do their yearly party, and they wanted something at the corporate party that was going to be different from their normal day to day banking entertainment... and what could be more different than skateboarding?! The event's venue was a block away from Disneyland in Anaheim, California and took place in mid-January. There were around 500 employees attending the event. The OC Ramps build crew set up an 8 foot wide 5 foot tall and 30 foot long halfpipe center stage for Tom Tom and Dave Bachinsky to perform on. We were the opening act and the staff was brought in, they all sat down, curtains were drawn, music cued and the guys started doing their technical and fun tricks on the ramp. The crowd was surprised and super excited! After about 10 mins the credit union had their own agenda for a few hours. To close the event Steve Van Doren (vice president of vans) gave a few minute speech to the employees and handed out custom shoes for every worker! As a surprise gift to Steve, the credit union had us construct a life size shoe box of vans shoes that we presented to Steve! Dave and Tom did another 5 minute demo of grinding and skating the life size shoe box. Steve was so impressed by the end, he was really excited about the box and wanted us to personally deliver it to his office in Cypress! We were stoked to create this halfpipe and custom box for the event. Make sure to contact OC Ramps for your next event, and we can handle all your ramp rental needs! Save