OC Ramps 12th Annual Ramptober

Kickin off the Fall season with OC Ramps annual party, Ramptober!!

What better way to celebrate chilly weather, spooky Halloween vibes and skateboarding!!

Check out the video from our YouTube channel -

This year’s theme was Country with full Cowboy & Cowgirl get up! Many party goers stunted their best plaid shirts and boots. Some dressed in their own costumes and everyone came to have a good time - rain or shine!!

OC Ramps 12th Annual Ramptober christian siereka & sloan

The chilly cold weather & rain was out in full effect however that didn’t stop us from having a good time. The weather actually created a stronger connection with our guests as we jammed inside the warehouse most of the night.

12th Annual Ramptober crowd

The live band, Tastee Nuggz, we're playing their hearts out! Legit rocked the entire warehouse with energy and of course hyped up the skaters with passion. So many people were dancing with the band, creating a stellar vibe for the party! Wouldn’t be an OC Ramps party if someone wasn’t jumping from the roof of storage racks to land a perfect trick, pictured is Dalton Dern.

Dern Brothers at OC Ramps Ramptober

Also our good friend Dave, The Magic Crasher appeared with some magic tricks to wow the crowd!

Dave the Magic Crasher at OC Ramps Ramptober

Let’s not forget the delicious taco truck slanging out those fresh & hot tacos!! 

Skater babe eating tacos at OC Ramps Ramptober

Our good buddies Benjie & Logan with TNR (Thrash N’ Raid) came with $500 bucks for the cash for tricks contest on our custom paint Bump to Rail obstacle - these guys are an amazing group of veterans that have come together to make a meaningful impact to help others rise above barriers. The crowd was so hyped on all the mind blowing tricks they started giving out cash from their own pockets just to keep the fun entertainment going!!

Cash for Tricks at Ramptober

We had a great time with friends and family, along with meeting new friends! Super high energy from everyone and we cannot wait until our next event.