OC Ramps halfpipe for MTV Movie & TV Awards

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MTV reached out to us about a custom half pipe rental.

Needing help to spice up the elements for 2017 MTV Movie and TV awards. Hyped on the opportunity we of course said yes! Here's the backstory! Twenty seven years ago back in 1992 the first hosted MTV Movie & TV Awards. The show is a film and television awards show. Which is hosted annually on MTV by famous artists & actors. The nominees are chosen by producers and executives at MTV. The winners are decided online by the general public. That's right, you decide!! Currently, voting is done through MTV's official website.

The vision for this rental was a custom 8 ft wide by 6 ft tall half pipe. Also to have an artist hand paint the ramp.

Before jumping into the fun, we needed to have the ramp sprayed with fire retardant. Intended to avoid any fire hiccups during the show.

We came up with a rad design for the custom half pipe that came apart in sections. Setting up the ramp in sections was for the production crew. Being able to quickly transport on and off the stage. Only a matter of minutes during commercials to break down. Four minutes to be exact!

The mini ramp was also hand painted by an artist to correspond with Noah Cyrus (Miley Cyrus younger sister) performing "Stay Together"!

The crew pre fabricated the majority of the ramp at the warehouse. Makes for an easier install! With the trailer loaded, the guys piled in the truck. Hitting the freeway and destination Los Angeles for delivery and installation.

Our first experience with working on an MTV Award show. Pretty pumped to see the final outcome. The ramp looked awesome on center stage! Check out the video courtesy of MTV below.


If you ever have a ramp rental need, come to OC Ramps & we can create your dreams!