OC Ramps at Weezyana

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Another day, another awesome opportunity for OC Ramps! This months biggest adventure for us was a trip to Louisiana to set up a mini customized skate park at Lil Wayne's second annual Weezyana festival.
We were contacted by the production people for the festival about a month ago. They let us know that they wanted us to come out to the festival and put together a few obstacles. Once they locked down the location within the festival, they sent us the dimensions and let us know they wanted everything totally customized to fit the space and they wanted us to turn it into a mini skate park.
The next few days were spent in the warehouse cutting, drilling, and building as much of the park as possible. In order to get everything shipped, we booked an entire freight truck and rushed the shipment. A couple days after we shipped everything out, our owner Tyler headed out to Louisiana with four of our pro skaters. The pros that were hired to skate the park during the festival were Tom Ryen, Christian Sereika, Jordan Hoffart, and Dave Bachinsky. The guys arrived in Louisiana and were able to explore the city before they had to go to the event and finish the build and set up of the custom skate park. They were also able to attend a football game at the super dome where the festival was being held the next day!
The festival went flawlessly and the attendees loved the OC Ramps set up. Our pro's did an amazing job and pulled out some awesome tricks to impress the crowds. The highlight of it all was that the guys were able to be back stage for Wayne's entire performance! On the last song, all the guys rushed the stage and got to be part of the crazy on stage vibes. This was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. A huge thanks for Lil Wayne to having OC Ramps be a part of Weezyana! We can't wait for the next event.
If you have a big event coming up, do not hesitate to e-mail info@ocramps.com so we can get you more information on our ramp rentals.
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