OC Ramps x Dekult - Punk Rock Skate Night

This past Saturday, July 23rd, Dekult joined OC Ramps for a punk rock skate night at the OC Ramps warehouse here in Santa Ana. Dekult is a clothing brand that was recently created, and they wanted to hold their first big event with our team. The event started 7pm, doors opened at 6:30, and went off until around 10:30pm. When the OC Ramps crew showed up around 6:00 to prepare, there were already around 75-100 kids waiting to enter and start skating! We wanted this event to have a little bit of everything, so there was skating, 3 bands performing, tacos, drinks, giveaways, and most importantly rad times! We also gave away $700 in best trick contests. The skating involved free skate, a miniramp jam, and a street and ledge jam.  We had some great skaters come out here to the warehouse and compete for the prize money, and saw some sick skating by all! Dave Bachinsky and Micky Papa were two big names that came out to skate! The $700 cash was available for a 3 obstacle competition via "cash for tricks." The 12' long Butter Bench, the 5' tall mini ramp and 16' long round rail. $5's were offered for basic tricks, $10's for a little better and $20's if you really 'wowed' the judges. During the cash for tricks, mayhem ensued! For example, on the mini ramp there 30-40 people crammed on it with 4-5 kids dropping in at a time. There should technically only be one skater dropping in at a time, but because they were so hungry for the cash prize and the energy level was so high they disregarded the usual "halfpipe protocols" and just dropped in and went for it. Dave Bachinsky was with the crowd on the halfpipe, but once he saw how many people were dropping in at a time, he counted himself out for the mini ramp portion of the competition!


The night was full of incredible punk rock-ska talent by Eve of Destruction, Hay Stroker and No Questions Asked, Jon Brucher's band. We had a stage set up in the back of the warehouse by our 5 foot tall 16 foot wide mini ramp. The bands set up out there and Eve of Destruction kicked off the night. After getting the crowd pumped up, Hay Stroker was the second performance, and to end the night on a high note No Questions Asked closed out the event! The turnout at this event was awesome, we had tons of skaters come out, families, and fans of the ska bands that performed. We definitely loved the set up of this event. Make sure you are following OC Ramps on instagram: instgram.com/oc_ramps, so you can look out for our next warehouse party announcement. We are highly active on our account, and always keep you guys posted the minute that another rad event is coming up. If you are an up and coming business in the skate industry and would be interested in sponsoring an event at the OC Ramps warehouse, feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to info@ocramps.com at any time!