PlanB Skate Demo with OC Ramps

Carlsbad Village, California

In the gorgeous town of Carlsbad there is a hidden gem that many locals know as “the spot” where you can grab all your skateboarding needs and more called Status Skateshop!

skate shop

The local shop was hosting a Skate Demo with PlanB and the skate team, which of course requires some skateboarding obstacles. That’s where we, OC Ramps come in clutch.

PlanB skate demo oc ramps obstacles

OC Ramps team member loaded up the truck & trailer with some obstacles & hit the road towards the event in North County San Diego on Saturday, May 21st. Arrived within just a few hours from OC Ramps HQ. Quickly unloaded the assembled ramps and set up the course.

As the event started the PlanB skate team arrived ready to shred the ramps and showcase some tricks for the crowds. Pictured below is our 8ft wide Quarter Pipe with a few riders along with our own team rider Chris Joslin

PlanB skate team chris joslin oc ramps quarterpipe

Photo Credit - Lillie Hill

Another pro rider shreddin that 12ft long rail (custom made by our welders) of pure steel fun!

PlanB skate team on OC ramps 12ft rail custom

Photo Credit - Lillie Hill

A rad trick in motion by Chris on our mirrored Wedge Bump Ramps.

Chris Joslin on OC Ramps Wedge Bump skate obstacle

Photo Credit - Lillie Hill

It’s never a really rad event unless skateboarders leap over “untouchable” fences and walls with our Quarter Pipes assisting for a massive launch!

PlanB skate team launch over OC Ramps 8ft wide Quarter pipe

Photo Credit - Lillie Hill

Towards the end of the demo the skate shop started announcing winners to the raffles and some lucky winners received some PlanB merch.

skate shop raffle with PlanB skate deck

Photo Credit - Lillie Hill

If you have an event or meeting and need a kickoff of high energy fun, we’re the guys!! Contact us with your idea’s and let’s spin the wheels!