Ramptober 2019

OC Ramps Headquarters

Hosting our 11th annual Ramptober party was a blast!! We continue to throw this rager as it's requested by anyone & everyone we know. So the tradition keeps growing bigger over the years and we couldn't be any happier. Many people travel around from local cities, different counties as well as out of state!

The celebration is not only to enjoy oneself, also to experience new things, listen to music, eat bomb food, skate and nonetheless to ride our epic ramps and obstacles. And people watch!!! Witness the pure mischievousness from the skate community & friends, always a show itself!

This year we had the pleasure of having a live punk rock cover band perform called Tastee Nuggz. Including a member from a well known punk rock band - Throw Rag. They played covers from bands like Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash and many more.

What's ironic is the drummer of Tastee Nuggz was our old landlord 9 years ago. Which is just in our early years of when Ramptober was created & rollin'. Every year we had the party the landlord tried to have it shut down. Now, a decade later he asked to have the band perform at our party!

Our favorite friends over at Grinderz Burger came with all the bells & whistles, including their melty cheeseburgers & the legendary Vans vehicle with a mini half pipe inside!

Many friends came to visit & join in the festivities. Long time friend & artist that created our office mural, Terry Owens came with a spectacular booth that was set up with many of his latest works of art.

Also good friend Dave aka The Magic Crasher rolled by and showed off his talents that literally WOWed the crowds!


We packed the house with tons of familiar & new faces!  Awesome way to meet, take pictures and even have a mini shred session with your favorite pro skaters as the majority of our professional & skate team attends. Pictured below is TJ Rogers handing out some Tech Deck merch to some lucky kiddos.

Ryan Decenzo with wild party goer.

Pictured is owner of OC Ramps Tyler with his gorgeous family & friends.

Here's a quick video of our party, enjoy!


We want to give a special THANK YOU to all of our sponsors that helped make our party a notch above the rest, including but not limited to Jordan Hoffart & Black Plague Brewery for providing the liquids for the band & team!! Plus the RedBull team always keepin' us up to the sky by giving us those wings!! Hope to see you all again next year friends, keep shreddin'!!