Roller Squad Take Over!

OC Ramps Head Quarters, California

Our ramps are made for heavy use & abuse from skateboarding, BMX, scooters and of course roller skating! One of our close friends & also former employee Alison hit us up with a fantastic idea of hosting a female roller skate night with the Impala ladies!! Yass! Girls rollin' thru the warehouse  & taking over!!!

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The Impala Skate Squad showed up with trays of freshly baked cookies, the vision to take on our skate park and experience some new tricks!

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Impala Roller Skates are worldwide & highly known for making the sidewalk sizzle as they offer top notch quality materials paired with current trends and of course empowering fierce females to skate in style with your chick click whether it's for street, roller rinks and/or skate parks! Impala thrives on positivity & working with inspiring females who are fearlessly chasing their dreams & living life to the fullest.

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The ladies rolled right into the fun with our speed bump hills & gained some epic air going into the half pipe trilogy course. Although the ladies didn't grind too much on the coping, it sure didn't phase them doing some rad backflips, hand stands and flamingo grab tricks!

Awesome to the see girls gather for the same skate passion and to pick up a few lessons from other squad members. A fun night of friendship, tons of cookies and many laughs as they skillfully handled the mini hiccups which finally resulted in mastering new tricks! Right on ladies!!

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Scope out this dope edit of the skate squad shreddin  our private skate park from our videographer Lando and be sure to give us a follow on Instagram @ocramps to stay up to date with the latest shenanigans from us & our crew!