Shred Fest 2023: OC Ramps Joins Forces with the Dern Brothers in LA!

Summer in LA kicked off with a bang, and we were right in the heart of it! Get ready to dive into the world of talented shredders and an epic collaboration that brought the skate community together.

In May, OC Ramps had the honor of supplying some gnarly skate obstacles for the legendary Shred Fest.


🔨 Crafting the Dream Obstacles: It wasn't just about delivering obstacles; it was about creating them. The Dern brothers, with their passion for shredding, rolled into OC Ramps HQ to lend a hand in crafting the skate obstacles for the event. These guys aren't just riders; they're builders too!

Together, we revamped an 8ft wide Quarter Pipe, built a Bank Ramp, and crafted a custom ledge that screamed pure skateboarding creativity.


OC Ramps Skate Obstacle at Shred Fest 2023


🚚 Loading Up the Fun: With the obstacles ready to rock, it was time to hit the road. Our squad loaded up the trailer, and with the Pit Viper team adding their touch, we were off to the event location. It's not just about ramps; it's about the community coming together, and the stoke was building up!


Dalton Dern, Christian Hosoi, OC Ramps at Shred Fest


🌟 The Pink Motel Showdown: The day of the event arrived, and our squad rolled into the iconic Pink Motel. It was a day of pure skateboarding bliss, with cash-for-tricks prizes up for grabs.

Shred Fest was hosted by the dynamic duo of Andy Roy and Christian Hosoi, the contest was a symphony of amateur and professional skaters pushing their limits. The energy was electric, and the tricks were next level.


Andy Roy & Christian Hosoi with OC Ramps at Shredfest


OC Ramps custom skate obstacle for shred fest with dalton dern


🤙 Looking Ahead: As the sun set on an unforgettable day, we couldn't help but look forward to the next year. Shred Fest '23, here we come!

The skate community is a tight-knit family, and events like these remind us of the endless stoke and creativity that drive us forward.


Two girls Skate Custom Ledge by OC Ramps at shredfest


OC Ramps skate team at shredfest


Join us on this epic ride, and let's keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of skateboarding. Stay tuned for more adventures, more stoke, and more unforgettable moments. 🛹🔥